Why Cyberdome?

Kerala is currently witnessing a rapid increase in the rate of cyber crimes. Each crime involves a technology aspect in terms of a gadget or tool that is highly sophisticated. With the Internet assuming a central role in the society, its weaknesses have also come to the fore. The worldwide interconnected digital information and communications infrastructure collectively known as cyber space which underpins almost every aspect of modern society and renders vital support for the economy, governance, civil infrastructure, public safety, and national security. Increasingly, now a days it is observed that cyber criminals are frequently exploiting network vulnerabilities, terrorists are using the Internet for information exchange and communication. Online sexual violence and child sex abuse imagery, online frauds, terrorist activities, data loss and data breaches and identity theft as well as defacement are also common. The dark nets and cyber warfare are emerging areas of cyber threat. Hence a threat in any form in this cyber space is always a matter of concern for a law enforcement agency.

Two major challenges to the law enforcement include jurisdiction issues and discovering the identity of a cyber criminal. Since the world is ever more dependent on the information and communications technology, the Kerala Police is supposed to deal with crimes unheard of a decade earlier. The issue of cyber security needs to move beyond traditional policing activities and requires a different outlook to deal with technology. To ensure effectiveness and coordinate response in tackling the emerging cyber security threats prevailing in the state, a technology centre is required to foster the capabilities and expertise of Kerala Police as well as to develop strategies to deal with this dynamic challenging environment of technology. Cyberdome is a visionary initiative of Kerala Police to fortify the cyber security of the state as well as to curtail the notoriously widespread cyber menaces from various criminal sources towards our cyber space.