Important Orders - 2017

Order No. Subject Date
DO No.751/2017/CC Retirement of Police Officers/Personnel/Ministerial Staff on superannuation during the Year 2018- List 26-10-2017
DO No.617/2017/CC General HC Test Result 2017 30-08-2017
No.G1-73605/2017/CC Proceedings - Police Compound Canteen 2017- 2018 23-05-2017
No.A2-26177/2017/CC General HC Test 2017 18-05-2017
No.E1-8555/2017/CC Laser Printer Maintenance -Order 27-04-2017
No. A1-24769/2017/CC General Transfer 2017 – Option Called for 20-04-2017
No. G1-73605/2015/CC Re-constituting of CPO Compoud canteen committee 15-04-2017
No. CA-23355/2017/CC Night Patrolling - Instructions 12-04-2017
No. C1-153576/2015/PHQ CUG Numbers- Facilities offered by the BSNL 03-03-2017
Order No. C1-517/2017/PHQ Prepaid CUG SIM Cards-Plan 17-02-2017
Proceedings No. G3-5885-2017 Cash Reward to Chief Minister's Police Medal Winners 16-02-2017
Order No. G1-9942-2017 War on Drugs Project Instructions 15-02-2017
Order No. G1-9816-2017 Operation Swasthi Project Instructions 15-02-2017