Rewards - 2017

Order No. Subject Date
DO.No.844/2017/CC GSE for preparing power point presentation regarding Cyber Dome Project in an exemplary manner 13-12-2017
DO.No.860/2017/CC GSE for arresting the accused in crime number 934/17 u/s 41 (1) (b) CrPC of Nadakave Police Station 11-12-2017
DO.No.859/2017/CC GSE for the remarkable work done in arresting the accused in crime number 934/17 u/s 41 (1) (b) CrPC Sec 225 B IPC of Nadakkave Police Station 11-12-2017
DO.No.782(a)/2017/CC GSE for the achievement in Tug of War Team in the Kozhikode City Annual Athletic Meet 2017 06-11-2017
DO.No.782/2017/CC GSE for the good performance as Parade Commander during the commemoration day parade 06-11-2017
DO.No.781/2017/CC GSE for the good performance in L/o duties at Kasargod District 06-11-2017
DO.No.775/2017/CC Awarding GSE to the Police personnel on duty at District Jail, Kozhikode 06-11-2017
DO.No.779/2017/CC GSE for the good performance in drill during the time of commemoration day parade 04-11-2017
DO.No.776/2017/CC Awarding GSE - Crime Investigation (Cr.No. 2048/2017 of City Traffic PS) 04-11-2017
DO.No.774/2017/CC Awarding GSE - Crime Investigation (Cr.No.816/17 of Nadakkavu PS) 04-11-2017
DO.No.707/2017/CC Awarding GSE to Police Personnel(Traffic Duty) 31-10-2017
DO.No.615/2017/CC Awarding GSE to Police Personnel(Intelligence Collection) 28-10-2017
DO.No.750/2017/CC Awarding GSE (Cr.No 258/17 of Panniyankara PS) 26-10-2017
DO.No.611/2017/CC Awarding GSE for developing chance finger print 08-10-2017
DO.No.612/2017/CC Awarding GSE for developing chance finger print 25-09-2017
DO.No.317/2017/CC Awarding GSE 27-06-2017
Order No G4-26425/2017/CC Awarding Cash Reward 05-06-2017
Order No G4-9013/2017/CC Awarding Cash Reward 05-06-2017
DO.No. 318/2017/CC Awarding GSE 05-06-2017
DO.No. 308/2017/CC Best Employee of the Month - March 2017 11-05-2017
No. G4-21331/2017/CC Ganja Seize - GSE 20-04-2017
No. G4-11369/2017/CC Ganja Seize - GSE 19-04-2017
No. G4-18839/2017/CC Clean City Safe City - GSE 01-04-2017
No. G4-16674/2017/CC Timely Action by Traffic Police Personnel - GSE 18-03-2017
No. G4-1061/2017/CC KLA Election 2016 - GSE 13-02-2017
No. G4-1834/2017/CC Website Development - GSE 01-02-2017
No. G4-87459/2016/CC Achievements in All Kerala Police Duty Meet - GSE 05-01-2017