Good Works Done 2016

Gang of robbers arrested

On 12.01.2017 at about 02.00 hrs, while on Night patrolling at Moozhikkal, Chevayur SI and party arrested 1) Abdul Kareem, S/o Kunhirayin, Age: 47/17, Karuthedath house, Pallithazham, Peruvayal, Kozhikode, 2) Chakkumkadavu Abdurahiman @ Abdurahiman, S/o Abdulla, Age: 48/17, Karuppan veettil Chakkumkadavu, Payyanakkal, Kozhikode, and 3) Musthafa @ Muthu, S/o Ibrahim, Age: 34/17, Parayil house, Koorachundu.

On interrogation, it is revealed that the accused are cunning and have talent in breaking doors of the houses, shops and petrol pumps etc. during the interrogation by the Crime Squad, they confessed 5 cases in Kozhikode City , Kozhikode Rural and Malappuram districts.

  • Crime No. 28/17 U/s 457, 380, 461 r/w 34 IPC (Transferred to Balussery PS )
  • Crime No. 29/17 U/s 457, 380, 461 r/w 34 IPC (Transferred to Kunnamangalam PS)
  • Crime No. 30/17 U/s 457, 380, 461 r/w 34 IPC (Transferred to Kunnamangalam PS)
  • Crime No. 31/17 U/s 457, 380, 461 r/w 34 IPC (Transferred to Feroke PS)
  • Crime No. 32/17 U/s 457, 380, 461 r/w 34 IPC (Transferred to Kadampuzha PS)

Team of Officials

U. K. Shajahan, Sub Inspector of Police, Chevayur police station, O. Mohandas, SCPO 6798, City Control Room, M. Muhammed Shafi, SCPO 6956, City Traffic Police Station, M. Saji, SCPO 7165, City Traffic Police Station, T. P. Biju, SCPO 7727 Control Room, Randeer. T. G, CPO 7441 City Traffic Police Station, K. Akhilesh, CPO 8884, Kunnamangalam Police Station.

Kozhikode City Police Anti-Goonda Squad arrest suspected burglars

Kozhikode City Police Anti-Goonda Squad arrest suspected burglars The arrestees have confessed their complicity in more than thirteen cases throughout Kerala. They are,

  • Cr. No. 1447/2016 of Chavakad PS (pickup van)
  • Cr. No. 855/2016 of Payyoli PS (Lorry)
  • Cr. No. 1079/2016 of Sulthan Bathery PS (pickup van)
  • Cr. No. 302/2016 of Kuttipuram PS (Scorpio)
  • Cr. No. 1465/2016 of Peramangalam PS (Pickup van)
  • Cr. No. 519/2016 of Kottakkal PS (Pickup van)
  • Cr. No. 1749/2016 of Vadanapalli PS (Motor Cycle)
  • Cr. No. 857/2016 of Nadakavu PS (Pickup van)
  • Cr. No. 1095/2016 of Medical College PS, KKD City (Lorry)
  • Cr. No. 1855/2016 of Chavakad PS (Tavera)
  • Cr. No. 1091/2016 of Kunnamangalam PS (Lorry)
  • Cr. No. 1549/2016 of Chavakad PS (Pickup van)
  • Cr. No. 694/2016 of Koduvalli PS (Lorry)

Team of Officials

The following police officers toiled behind the arrest.

Shiju. E.K SI Town, Habeebulla.A SI Medical College, Saidalavi SI of Police, Saji Shinob. M ASI of Police, Rajesh. K.R CPO 7912, Ranjith. S CPO 7989, Sudarman CPO 8780, Ramesh Babu CPO 8972, Sujesh CPO 8972, Sandeep CPO 9368, Shajul. K.P CPO 9752, Rakesh CPO 10046, Baneesh CPO 10139, Dipin CPO 10124.

Fake Certificate Racket Busted by Kozhikode City Police - Town Police Station

On 06-09-2016, Kozhikode town police with the help of city crime squad busted a fake certificate racket and arrested 4 members 1) Muhammed Ali (40/16) 2) Abdul majeed (55/16) 3) Shoukathali (40/16) 4) Majeed (48/16) for illegally making and selling fake certificates of various universities and driving Licenses all over Kerala .Police also seized different fake certificates, computer, printer with Hologram etc. And registered a Case in Cr No 761/16 U/s 465,468,472 IPC at Town PS

Team of Officials

PM Manoj IP Town Shiju Town SI Sudhan Town SI Sivadasan Town SI

City Crime Squad Members SI Saidalavi ASI Saji Shinob SCPO –TP Biju (7727) CPOS KR Rajesh ( 7912 ) KP Shajool (9752 )

Ganja (12 Kg) Case at Chemmangad - Chemmangad Police Station

On 31-05-2016, Chemmangad Police Arrested 4 persons 1) A Sekhar(41) 2) TP Adam(55) 3) AT Abdu Latheef 4) Muhammed Salu Near Kallai Railway Palam and P Hassan Koya Road who possessed 12 kg of Ganja, approximate value of Ganja 7Lakh rupees. And registered two Cases in Chemmangad PS 1) Cr.388/2016 u/s.20(b),II(B) of NDPS Act, 2) Cr.390/2016 u/s.20(b),II(B) of NDPS Act P/O:- Kallai Railway Palam and P Hassan Koya Road.

Team of Officials

KA Bose (IP Town) TK Ashraf (IP Coastal) SI Vimodh, SI KP Saithalavi ASI Shinob, ASI Sabu Nath SrCPOs O Mohandas, TP Biju, KR Rajesh and CPOs Aneesh Moosen Veedu, Nithin Vargees KP Shajul

Theft Case - Town Police Station

On 19-04-2016,Town Police Arrested 2 persons 1)Atta@Gireesh(42) 2)KP Jithesh(36) from Palayam Kammthi Lane,who found in illegal possession of Gold and Silver ornaments and Electronics equipments. During interrogation it is a revealed that, Atta Gireesh involved in theft cases at various police station limits, which numbers in more than 100. This case registered as Town PS Cr. 383/16 u/s 41(D), 102 CrPC altered to 457,380,461 r/w 34 IPC.

Team of Officials

KA Bose (IP Town) TK Ashraf (IP Coastal) KP Saithalavi SI ASI Shinob, ASI Sabu Nath SrCPO O Mohandas, TP Biju, KR Rajesh CPO Aneesh Moosen Veedu, KP Shajil

Illicit Liquor Case - Mavoor Police Station

on 26-03-2016, Mavoor police Seized illicit liquor (18 bottles of 500 ml each), forged labels intended for pasting on bottles and another 9 ltr with distillation accessories from the making place from Vellalassery Kunnamangalam. MAVOOR PS Cr. 277/16 u/s 55 (a) 12 r/w 55(c) altered in to 55 (g) 58 of Abkari act. N/A : Sakkir S/o Aboobacker. Age 36/16, Arkode house, Kallai. Accused Arrested with vehicle KL 11 Y 8303 Scooter. P/O:- Kanniparamba - Mavoor

Team of Officials

S I Sasikumar. T SI Ramachandran- (SB) GSI Subair. N GASI Subrahmanian CPO 8727 Mohanan CPO 8752 Jayachandran CPO 8375 Sreejish CPO 9093 Sreejith CPO 8921 Madhu SCPO 9300 Abdu Rahiman CPO 6509 Rajith SCPO 7261 Sajeeshkumar SCPO 6605 Venugopalan KHG 68 Jayarajan KHG 270 Balagopalan KHG 18 Rajendran

Money Multiplication Case - Nadakkavu Police Station

On 26.03.2016, SI and party arrested the accused persons 1) Nishaf S/o.Assainar, Mullakkal (H), Pirayeri (PO), Metro Nagar, Palakkad. 2) Biju S/o.Unnikrishnan, Cholod (H) Mattumantha, CN Puram, Palakkad, in suspicious circumstance at KSRTC way out area and seized 15 bundle white paper covered on both sides by 500 rupees Indian currency notes and registered a case in Cr.371/16 U/s.151 CrPC.

Team of Officials

Moosa Vallkikkadan (IP Nadakkavu) SI G Gopakumar (SHO Nadakkavu PS) SI Prakasan

Ganja Case - Nadakkavu Police Station

On 04-03-16 IP Nadakkavu arrested, Chembatty Vijayan (47), with the help of Nadakkavu police and shadow police from KSRTC BUS Stand Kozhikode and seized 4.470 KG Ganja. In this regard a case has been registered at Nadakkavu Police Station as Cr No :265/16 U/S 20(b),II(b) of NDPS Act

Team of Officials

Moosa Vallkikkadan (IP Nadakkavu) SI G Gopakumar (SHO Nadakkavu PS) SI Prakasan Sr.CPO’s,CPO’s Hemanth ,Manoj, Abdu Rahman, Randheer, Muhammed, Pramod

Online Cheating Case - Nadakkavu Police Station

On 22-02-16 Nadakkavu Police arrested, 1)Parameswaran (Siva) from Chennai, Tamilnadu. Brief of the case:- The accused offered to arrange housemaid and received a huge amount through different bank accounts and cheated by neither arranged the servant nor given the money back. The accused regularly posted this offering/Classifieds through the websites like,, in the name of services in the name of Isha Home Care, Krishna Home care, Sivada Home Care, Karuna Home Care etc.. Cr No : - Nadakkavu PS CR NO:893/15 U/S 406,420

Team of Officials

SI G Gopakumar, ASI K Sreenivasan, ASI A Anilkumar, Sr. CPOs M Hemanth Bhanu, K T Muhammed Shebeer

Brown Sugar Case - Chemmangad Police Station

On 03-02-16 Crime Squad of ACP South with the help of Chemmangad Police arrested, 1) Sayed Nadhar(45) From Kallai Railway Bridge Kozhikode and seized 20 Gram of Brown Sugar. Cr No : - Chemmangad PS CR NO:116/16 U/S 21(b), NDPS Act

Team of Officials

ACP South AJ Babu, IP Town KA Bose, SI PM Vimodh, SI KP Saidalavi and City Crime Squad