Zero Hour

Enforcement with Awareness

City Police shall identify any one hour in 24 hours this one hour will be known as “ZERO HOUR” and strong monitoring and checking of the traffic violation has to be carried out. No penalty shall be given to any traffic violators caught in this one hour, but these persons found violating should be asked to attend traffic awareness classes, to be organized by police.

The times of the “Zero Hour” will be changed daily. The Control Room shall inform the times of the “Zero Hour” to all police stations and traffic units, well in advance to ensure that police personnel are present on road.

It is strictly directed that, this enforcement is meant, only for awareness, without creating any inconvenience to the commuters. The language used during the enforcement shall be civilized and respectful.

“Zero Hour” enforcement shall be targeted only for traffic rules and regulations and not document verification. The enforcing officer shall follow all the guidelines issued earlier from the Police Headquarters, while checking the traffic violations.