Announcement - 2019

Finalized Seniority list of Senior Civil Police Officers in Kozhiikode
Transfer and posting of Police Officers/ personnel
Transfer and posting of police personnel from Kozhikode Rural to Kozhikode City
Quotation - Printer Cartridge Cyan to Multi functional Printer RICOH
Vehicle Auction
Vehicle Auction- Postponed
Tender for Computer and Accessories for Cyberdome, Kozhikode
Quotation for Laser Printer
Vehicle Auction
Quotation for Laser Printer
Quotation for Bell of faith Equipment
Quotation for Smart TV
Quotation for Computer Peripherals
Tender for Printer Service and Toner refilling
Quotation for LED TV
Quotation for Water Cooler
Provisional Seniority list of ASIs - Kannur Range