Quotations - 2021

Number Item Last date for submission
No.46/SCPC KKD /2021 80 x 40 Thermal Billing Rolls 09/04/2021
No. G1-19922/2021/CC Video camera's 27/03/2021, 05.00PM
No. E1-10804/2021/CC Repair and Service of Multifunctional RICOH MP C 3003 Printers cleaning Unit and PCU parts 23/02/2021, 04.00PM
No. G2-9517/2021/CC furnishing and work at file room,Kunnamangalam P S, Kozhikode City. 18/02/2021, 04.00PM
No. G2-9514/2021/CC Office furnishing work at Thondiroom,Kunnamangalam P S, Kozhikode City. 18/02/2021, 04.00PM
No.G2-1031/2021/CC cupboard plywood works 29/01/2021, 04.00PM
No.E1-2488/2021/CC Reflective Jacket - ( Net Type, Light Green Colour with flouracent letters "KERALA POLICE" (Red) front and back of the jacket Size.XXL - 250 Nos. 03/02/2021, 04.00PM
No.08-SCPC KKD/2021/CC Server computer for subsidiary central police canteen 22/01/2021, 04.00PM
No.G2-1025/2021/CC Furiniture electric, false ceiling work 25/01/2021, 04.00PM
No.G2-1013/2021/CC Furiniture and falls ceiling work 23/01/2021, 04.00PM.
No.G2-61649/2020/CC Furiniture, curtanining, cupboard, plywood work 16-01-2021 4 pm
No. G2-1021/2021/CC Side Box work, curtanining, cupboard, Electric work 16-01-2021 4 pm
No. G2-1017/2021/CC Side box work, curtanining, cupboard,plywood work 16-01-2021 4 pm