Beypore Coastal Police Station

0495 - 2471003
11.161692 75.807324

Important GOs: GO (Rt) 513/2011 Home Dated 16/02/2011

Coastal Police Stations are formed to attain the objectives of Coastal Security Scheme formulated by MHA, Govt. Of India. The objective of the scheme is to strengthen the infrastructure for Patrolling and Surveillance of Coastal area, particularly shallow waters close to the coast, which was left unpoliced. The Coastal Police is a part of the State Police and exercises their powers and duties in their policing jurisdiction effectively in the territorial waters.

The officials of Coastal Police Stations can exercise all police powers conferred on them vide Criminal Laws of the land, including the Special and Local Laws. They have the powers to enter, inspect, search, seize and examine any place, carriage and vessel and to take legal actions.

Beypore coastal Police Station was built under the First Phase of Coastal Security Scheme. It started functioning on 27th June 2010 (Govt. Notification-GO (Rt) 513/2011 Home Dated 16/02/2011) in a newly constructed 3 storied building, with a watch tower on the top, at the banks of the river Chaliyar, near Beypore Estuary. The station was built in a land of area 20 cents in survey no.4/2 of Kadalundy Village in Kozhikode District.

The jurisdiction of the Police station is up to 12 Nautical Miles over the territorial waters off the coast starting from Kadalundy Kadavu South End to Drainage of Govt. General Hospital at Kozhikode Beach.

Boarder Police Stations are Azheekode Coastal PS(South) & Elathur Coastal PS(North)