Kunnamangalam Police Station

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Sub Division : Kozhikode Medical College

Important GOs: Go (Rt) No.1701/07/Home dtd.26th June 2007

Kunnamangalam Police station is functioning in one portion of the building owned by revenue department. The JFCM Court, Kunnamangalam is functioning in the other portion. The building is known to have been constructed during the 1919. The building is situated at RS.No. 496/1A1 of Kunnamangalam Village nearly 50 meters south of NH 212 at the center of Kunnamangalam town. As per the information in SCH part IV, Dy.Tahasildar’s office was functioning at this building and a sub jail was attached to it.

Kunnamangalam Police Station


Kunnamangalam, Chathamangalam & Madavoor Panchayaths


Kunnamangalam, Madavoor, Poolakkode, Chathamangalam & Peruvayal

Jurisdiction Details

As per vide GO (Rt) No. 1701/07/Home dtd 26.06.07 the local areas of jurisdiction of Kunnamangalam police station includes Villages Kunnamangalam(Kunnamangalam and Karanthur amsoms), Chathamangalam (Chathamangalam, Pullannur, Malayamma, Vennakode, Muttayam, Pullavoor, Chenoth & Vennakode amsoms), Poolakode (Poolakode, Chuloor, Sangetham, Vellannur, Koozhakode & Kozhimmanna amsoms), Madavoor (Madavoor, Mattancheri, Arambram, Paimbalassery & Pullikoth amsoms) and Peruvayal (Mundakkal & Peringolam amsoms).

Border Police Stations

Chevayur, Medical College & Mavoor Police Stations of Kozhikode City and Koduvally & Mukkam Police Stations of Kozhikode Rural

Jurisdictional Court

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Kunnamangalam.

Parliament Constituency


Legislative Assembly

Kunnamangalam & Koduvally

Government Institutions

Central Govt. Offices

1.CWRDM Kottamparamb, 2. BSNL Kunnamangalam, 3. NIT Kozhikode, 4. Post offices a) Kunnamangalam, b) MIE Chethukadave, c) Pillasseri, d) NITC, e)Chathamangalam, f) Chuloor, g) Malayamma, h) Vellalasseri, i) Madavoor, j) Muttancheri, 5. Banks a) SBI REC, b) Punjab National Bank Kunnamangalam, c) SBT Kunnamangalam, d) South Malabar Grameena bank

State Govt. Offices

1.Kunnamangalam Grama panchayath office, 2) Kunnamangalam Block panchayath office, 3.AEO Kunnamangalam , 4. Agricultural office Chathamangalam, 5. Kunnamangalam Village office, 6. Madavoor village office, 7. Chathamangalam Village office, 8. Poolakode Village office, 9. Peruvayal village office, 10. Excise office Kunnamangalam, 11. PWD rest house Kunnamangalam, 12. Regional poultry farm Chathamangalam, 13. Office of the Deputy Thahasildar, Chathamangalam, 14. Chathamangalam Panchayath Office.


1.Nathan’s clinic near Karanthur Markaz, 2. PHC Anapara Kunnamangalam, 3. Ayurveda Hospital Chathamangalam, 4. Vetnary Hospital Kunnamangalam, 5. Ambadi Clinic Kunnamangalam


SBI ,SBT , Union Bank , Federal Bank , KDC KGM, PNB, ICICI, Vijaya Bank, South Malabar Bank

Educational Institutions

IIM Kozhikode


1.Markaz Arts College Karanthoor, 2. Bithul Issa Arts College Madavoor, 3.Rampoyil, 4. Arts and Science College Woman Dayapuram, 5. Markaz Arts College Karamthoor 6. NIT Chathamangalam, 7. IIMKunnamangalam, 8.Markaz ITC Karanthoor, 9. Govt. Arts and Science College, Kunnamangalam, Zeetech Karanthur

NIT Kozhikode


1. Aided Upper primery School Pilassery, 2.Aided LP School Kalarikandi,3.Govt LP School Padanilam, 4.Aided Mappila LP School Kunnamangalam,5.Aided UP School Kunnamangalam, 6. Kunnamangalam High School 7.Kunnamangalam, 8.Swami Gurukkal Memmorial Aided LP SchoolKaranthoor, 9.Aided Mappila LP S karanthoor,10. AM LP S Madavoor Mukku,11. AUPS Madavoor, Govt. LPS Paimbalasseri, 12. AK LMP School Kottakka Vayal, 13.Govt MUPS Aarambram, 14. Assaniyya AUPS Muttanchery, 15.Markaz Higher secondary School +2 Section Karanthoor, 16.Markaz Higher secondary School Karanthoor, 17. Markaz Girls High School Aided Karanthoor, 18. Markaz English Medium Higher Secondary School +2 Karanthoor, 19. Auhilium NavaJyothi Higher secondary School Kunnamangalam, 20.AUPS Makkottam Choolamvayal, 21.Higher Secondary SchoolChakkalakkal, 22.Bithul Issa Arts English Medium School Madavoor, 23.Govt. LPS New Pullannoor, 24.Aided UPS Malayamma, 25.Govt LPS Chenoth, 26. R.E.C. Govt.Vocational Higher secondary School Chathamangalam, 27.Govt LPS Chathamangalam, 28. Govt. LPS Poolakkode Aided UPS Koozhakode, 29.Keezhoor Aided LPS Chooloor, 30.UPS Chooloor, 31. Govt LPS Vellannoor, 32.Govt Higher Secondary School Peringolam, 33. Aided LP School Peruvazhikadavu, 34.Aided UP School Kunnamangalam East, 35.GLPS Pullanoor, 36. REC Govt Higher Secondary School Valiya Poyil,37.AUPS Chathamangalam, 38. ALPS Chooloor, 39.LPS Mundakkal, 40.Residential School Dayapuram, 41.MES Raja Residential School Kallanthode, 42.Spring Vally School REC, 43.KPCM Sreenarayana Vidyalayam Chethukadavu,44. GMLP Chatha Vennakode,45. Govt Welfare LP School Chathamangalam 12 th mile.

Important Religious Places


1.Areekulangara Devi Temple, 2. Chinmaya mission Sreekrishna Kshethram, 3. Subhramaniya Kshethram, 4. Valiyadathil Devi Kshethram, 5. Dhurga Devi Kshethram, 6. Poothakandy Kshethram, 7. Malayamma Shiva Kshethram, 8. Erimala Narasimha Kshethram, 9. Kannora Devi Kshethram, 10. Kalpakassery Kshethram, 11. Vangerimadam Kshethram, 12. Manjakkavu Bhagavathi Kshethram, 13. Subrahmania Kshethram Pilassery, 14. Iringadankunnu Maha Vishnu Kshethram, 15. Poloor Temple, 16. Manathanath Devi Kshethram


1.CM Makham, 2. Jumamasjidh Karanthoor, 3. Paimbalassery Juma Masjid, 4. Niskara Pally,Madavoor Mukku., 5. Kunnath Jumaath Pally, 6. Valluvaprachalil Mosque, 7. Edanilavil Jumaath Pally, 8. Poonthanath Pally, 9. Kulangala Niskara pally, 10. Masjidhul Mujahid Pally Mukkadangattu, 11. Giharusala Masjisd, 12. Choolur Dharusalam Madrasa Pally, 13. Arankode Jamaath Pally, 14. Jumamasjidh Thathoor, 15. Jumaath Pally, Kottakkavayal, 16. Pullikoth Jumaath Pally, 17. Jumamasjidh Pally, Pathimangalam, 18. Jamayath Pally Paimbalassery, 19. Jamayath Pally Madavoor Mukke., 20. Kunnath Pally Madavoor Mukku, 21. Jamayath Pally Madavoor Mukku, 22. Jamayath Pally Madavoor Mukku, 23. Jamayath Pally Rampoyil, 24. Jamayath Pally Vellilassery, 25. Jamayath Pally Ariayankode, 26. Markaz Karanthoor,


1. St. Thomas Mound Church Kattangal, 2. Little Flower Church Chathamangalam, 3. Morning star Church 12th Mile, 4. IPC Church Kandiyil Kallanthode.


Poonoor Puzha, Cheru Puzha

Important Places

Milma HQ Peringalam, CWRDM Office


Milma Unit

Main Projects through the Police Station

Janamaithri,School Protection Groups and Clean Campus & Safe Campus