Finger Print Bureau



“No two fingerprints are identical, unless they are made by the same finger of the same person”

Fingerprints are permanent from birth to death, till decomposition of the skin of our hands, after death. They are unique, that means it can differentiate each of our finger from rest of the world. The patterns of the Fingerprints even in identical twins though resembles each other, they are different in minutiae details. There is not even a remote chance of mistaken identity.

Hence the personal identification by Fingerprint Science is an infallible one, Fingerprints have got key role in Biometry, Access control system, Digital passports, NPR Cards, ATM Cards, new generation mobile phones or any other type of modern digital equipment.

Single Digit Fingerprint Bureau, Kozhikode City is working under the District Police Chief and it is maintaining attribute data of ex-convicts and arrested persons from various Police Stations of the Kozhikode City Police District. These data are disseminated as and when required by Investigating Officers of various Police Agencies including CBI and Interpol.

In addition to perform forensic duties by finding out valuable evidences from Scene of Crime and thereby establishing conclusive link between crime and criminals. Finger Prints play major role in crime investigation and detection of cases. It is the most important link between investigation officer and crime. Other services of Fingerprint Bureau are the prevention of impersonation at Jails and Courts by regular verification of Fingerprint Registers maintained, giving Expert Opinion in Courts both in civil and criminal cases and attestation of Fingerprint Slips for all purposes including immigration to foreign countries.

Finger Print Attestation

Documents required for the attestation of finger prints for Immigration/Visa/PCC/other purposes

  • An application addressed to “The Tester Inspector, Police Finger Print Bureau, Kozhikode City”
  • Valid Passport with copies of relevant pages
  • Proof of Residence (Ration Card/ Electoral ID Card/Driving License) with copies or Residential/Nativity Certificate from village officer
  • Remit Challan for Rupees 1000/- (Rupees 100/-each for additional copies) in any Govt. Treasury (as per G.O.(Ms) No. 183/2012/Home dated 07-09-2012) Head of Account –“0055-police-501-Service & Service Fee”
  • 3 copies of Passport Size Photograph
  • Gazetted Officer’s Certificate (If address in Passport /ID Card/Driving License etc. are different)