Kozhikode Town Sub Division

0495 - 2367463 actwnkkdcity.pol@kerala.gov.in
11.250485 75.779528

Jurisdictional Map of Kozhikode Town Sub Division

Important GOs: GO (Ms) No.49/2021/Home dated 17-02-2021.

This subdivision was formed vide GO (Ms) No.49/2021/Home dated 17-02-2021. It was known as Kozhikode Law & Order and Traffic Sub Division. Subsequently traffic was separated from this subdivision during 1972. Then this subdivision was known as AC Law & Order and had the jurisdiction of all over Kozhikode. In vide GO (Ms) No.49/2021/Home dated 17-02-2021 Kozhikode Town Sub division came to existence in which Kozhikode City was bifurcated in to Medical College, Town and Feroke Subdivisions.

Police Stations in Kozhikode Town Sub Division

  • Kozhikode Town Sub Division
    • Nadakkavu PS
    • Vellayil PS
    • Elathur PS
    • Elathur Coastal PS
    • Town PS
    • Chemmangad PS
    • Kasaba PS
    • Vanitha PS