Cheruvannur Circle

0495 - 2420643
11.210822 75.806571

Important GOs: GO(MS) 76/83 Dtd. 28.05.1983.

Cheruvannur Circle was formed as per GO(MS) 76/83 Dtd. 28.05.1983.

The Circle office was functioning at the building of Nallalam Police Station.

The new Nallalam Police Station building was opened on 28.04.1985 and the Circle office was also functioning in the same building since then. Later a new construction has been on the upstair of Nallalam Police Station and the Circle office started functioning there from 19.02.2008. Now the Circle comprises of 4 Police Stations. They are Nallalam, Feroke, Beypore and Marad.

Sub Division : Kozhikode South

Police Stations : Nallalam, Feroke, Beypore & Marad