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The Cyberdome envisages an online office of Technical experts/Ethical Hackers/Cyber professionals, who can assist the police in the area of Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Investigation. This online office would contain a group of specially selected experts who will give assistance/ suggestions to the police to tackle the various cyber policing issues cropping up in the cyber world. Hence we are pleased to call for nominations from Cyber Security Experts/ Ethical Hackers/Cyber Professionals to be nominated as “Cyberdome Volunteers”. Based on their expertise and contributions to the Cyberdome, they will be promoted as an Elite Member with ranks as - Assistant Commander, Deputy Commander, and finally Cyberdome Commander. We are also inviting partnerships from various software companies, technological organizations, academic institutes, research groups, and NGOs for developing software and solutions for Kerala Police. Hence an individual, a software company or any other organization is ready to associate with Kerala Police in this initiative, please send your willingness to work with Cyberdome, by registering on the following link.

Cyberdome Official

  • All nominations will be scrutinized and based on their professional competency, unblemished background and domain knowledge they will be placed as online officers of Cyberdome.
  • They will be given ID Cards/Stars/ Ranks based on their contributions to the Cyberdome.
  • It is reiterated that Cyberdome is a contributory project and so the volunteers are not entitled to any payments whatsoever, now or in the future. Hence persons who have a sense of social responsibility only need to apply. Also persons who are already employed and well settled are preferred.
  • It may please be remembered that Cyberdome is a model of public-police cooperation for cyber security and may not be taken as a commercial entity. Cyberdome can be built up and developed with the support of the citizens for ensuring a secure cyber world. Hence we request your whole hearted support for this venture.
  • All interested persons may kindly register your nomination here.
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Organizational Partnership with Cyberdome

  • We also call for nominations from interested software companies and other organizations who want to enter into a mutual agreement with Cyberdome to do research and development of softwares in the domain of cyber security as well as for the technology augmentation for Police.
  • The Industry software companies and other organizations those who want to collaborate with Cyberdome have to provide their technical experts to assist the police in various fields of crime monitoring, policing the web, assistance in the investigation of cyber crimes, development of new software for police and a host of other areas.
  • If the software companies / Organizations are willing to support the Police, as a Company / Organization itself, in specific tasks, without any financial costs to the department, then the department can sign separate agreements for specific tasks also. For example - If a company agrees to design new software for the department, then they can align with the police and do so, free of cost for the department.
  • The collaborating company or organization are free to sell the software / service / product developed in association with Cyberdome to other police forces or agencies in the country or outside.
  • Any other models where the software companies or organizations can come and tie up with the Police is also welcome, in the interest of Cyber Security and Technology Augmentation for Police.
  • Interested companies / Organizations can kindly contact.