Kozhikode Traffic North & South

0495 - 2721017

acptrnkkd.pol@kerala.gov.in,                             acptrskkd.pol@kerala.gov.in

North 11.293271, 75.817821,                               South 11.254228, 75.782097

The Traffic sub division started functioning from 17.01.1973 and the post of DySP, Traffic was sanctioned as per GO(MS)174/72/Home Dtd. 17.11.1972.

Kozhikode City Traffic South Sub Division came in to existence Vide GO9Rt) 457/96/Home Dtd 20.02.1996.

The Traffic unit of Kozhikode City is divided in to two sub divisions. Accordingly the work in the local jurisdiction of City Traffic is divided as the local jurisdiction of Assistant Commissioner of Police, North and South as per proceedings No, G2(a) 10007/96 CC dated 26.02.1996.

The South subdivision office and City Traffic Police Station are housed in Kozhikode in the City police office compound. North subdivision office is housed near to the Chevayur Police Station.