Control Room

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Control Room,Kozhikode City is functioning in a Government building near CPO which is spacious enough for effective functioning and to accommodate the Office Staff. Asst. Commissioner of Police, Control Room is in the charge of Control Room.

Main duties

1.Emergency Response System

Police personnel will be on duty in two shifts. Whenever a call is received at the control room seeking the help of Police, the concerned flying Squad is directed to the spot for attending and negotiating the situation for the time being till reaching the party who have local jurisdiction (ie Local PS personnel).

2. Camera Operation

Two Police Personnel operating the Camera during the day and night in two shifts. 70 cameras have been placed at various places around the City.

The area of operations are

Identifying the unnecessary parking of the vehicles at roadsides

parking on auto stands and &lsquono parking&rsquo areas.

Announcement over public addressing system to the places of infringe and take snaps.

Collecting the RC particulars of the vehicles for proceeding the case.

Camera can be pivoted to an angle of 360 degree as to make view around the post.It can be utilized for criminal intelligence, spotting work of criminals and checking in the view of anti sabotage if found in suspected objects.

3. Ambulance

One driver is in charge of the Ambulance in a day. One Police personnel is deployed to ambulance for rendering assistance to the ambulance driver. Ambulance service will be provided on getting information to Control Room over telephone.


4. Operation of Flying Squads

At present 8 flying squads are operating in the district round the clock in two shifts. The schedule of Shifts is 07.00 am to 07.00 pm and 07.00 pm to 07.00 am. Each flying squadis to be manned with one Officer and three Police Personnel.

Now a day 8 Flying squads are operating in Kozhikode City. Flying Squads are doing their work at various Police station limits and the main duty of them are School point duty from 08.30 am to 10.30 am and 03.30 pm to 05.30 pm where the places detailed to them and they remove the traffic blocks and catch motor vehicle offences and fines it. Moreover in daytime FS checks the presence of the LP warrants accused and if they are present the information is passed on to the concerned Police station.

During night time Flying squads checks the vehicles and enquires about their journey and makes a Performa about this checking. All FS checks the banks, Financial Institutions, Jewelries, Temples, and Mosques in the patrolling area and challenges the strangers and detects MV petty cases and suo-motto cases and hands over them to concerned Police station if needed.

5. Zebra Patrolling

Two Zebra patrols are operating in Bullet motorcycles with VHF sets in highly congested areas. One rider and pillion rider in each vehicle are performing the duty. The Zebra&rsquos are supposed to check eve teasing, bootlegging, drug peddling and other anti social activities.

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