School Protection Group

In order to ensure safety of children and to curb tendency for juvenile delinquency as well as to protect children from becoming victims of illegal activities, it is decided to take the initiative to form School Protection Groups for every school where creation of such a group is feasible (PHQ Circular No. 16/2011 dated 08-06-2011). This will be purely a voluntary effort, without any compulsion on any one to form or join such a group.

School Protection Group (SPG) of each School may be chaired by either the Head of the Institution or the President of the Parent Teacher Association. The Convener of the Group can be the local Station House Officer and the Joint Convener may be a police officer designated by the SHO. The members of the group may consist of Ward Member / Ward Councillor, School student leader, two willing parents, two willing teachers, staff secretary, one respectable merchant of the locality, one respectable auto driver,one respectable head-load worker, a representative of the Jagaratha Samiti or SPC, as well as some respectable residents of the area.

The duties of SPG will be the following:

To take action to ensure traffic safety in the school area and surroundings.

To collect and communicate information regarding selling of supply of drugs and narcotic substances, pornographic material, sale of tobacco products, pan masala, alcoholic beverages, etc.

To collect information about students who go away from the school during class hours and loiter in the vicinity.

To keep watch over persons who befriend children with a view to exploiting them for illegal or immoral activities.

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